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SWTOR's official website receives a facelift


At approximately 2 a.m. EDT, the Star Wars: The Old Republic website dropped offline for 11 hours to receive a much-needed facelift. The previous site had used the same look for nearly four years, focusing on a pre-launch presentation. But at noon EDT, a fresh new site was revealed to the world.

According to the SWTOR community team post, this new site, which was rebuilt from the ground up, will provide "the latest game updates in an easy to navigate way." The team expounds on what we should expect from the new site later in the article, "In addition to all of the latest news and information that is released, we're also going to give you much more information about in-game content." The first example of this is the breakdown of each of the 17 flashpoints.

Although the new site falls back on a more traditional look, the community team assures us that this will help to increase the site's overall functionality and allow for additional features such as guild support, skill trees, character profiles, and more.

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