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Canada's WIND Mobile lists Nokia Lumia 710, says it's coming soon


It's now been a few months since we first laid our eager palms on Nokia's Lumia 710, and although it isn't getting any younger, some carriers are still adding the device to their lineup. We'd previously seen Rogers land the entry-level 710 as an exclusive in Canada, but now it's looking like the deal's expiring and WIND Mobile's ready to give its users a taste of the Mango-flavored handset. So far, WIND's keeping deets to a minimum, with the site only listing the device as "coming soon." One thing we do know, however, is that specs-wise it's likely to be a clone of any other network's variant. Needless to say, WIND may have to match, if not best, Rogers' prices in order to attract a new breed of customers to its white and orange shop. While you wait for the rest of the info to spill, you can always give those free Nokia covers a gander and decide which one you'd like to snag if the promo ever hits the True North.

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