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Breakfast Topic: Tell me about your fail


I'm an avid Twitterer and reader of blogs, and this post is a direct result of that! It's inspired by a From Draenor With Love cartoon cataloging different reasons for Ultraxion button-pressing fails, and it made me cringe remembering a fail of my own. I was paladin tanking in the Raid Finder, and just as Ultraxion put his Fading Light debuff on me, the other tank dropped group. (I can only assume he had a drop group macro next to his taunt button and it was a horrible mistake.)

I know now that it is very possible to single-tank this in the Raid Finder, but I didn't then, so I tried to bubble off the Fading Light debuff, thinking that if I pushed the button, the group would be murdered. Turns out you can't bubble it off, and I wasn't fast enough to click the button before I died. The group, not unfairly, was rather unimpressed! We ran and rezzed, and I single-tanked it.

Another recent fail relates to my new PvP mage. I was in Eye of the Storm, and we'd pushed the Horde back off the flag, so I picked it up and fled by Blinking. Good so far, right? Unfortunately, I got the angle wrong and Blinked so close to the side that I immediately fell off -- fortunately, not to my death! Thank goodness a helpful priest was nearby and gripped me back up!

So, I've shared two max-level embarrassing fails -- now it's your turn. Not newbie confessions like before -- I'm talking full-on fails. Go on, don't be afraid ... it's good to share! Therapeutic, let's say. And don't be mean in the comments. Nobody's perfect.

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