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Fallout: Nuka Break wants to film season two


After Wayside Creations launched its Fallout fan film in January 2011, it filmed one (excellent) season of Fallout: Nuka Break in a webseries with $30,000 of funding. Now Wayside wants to start filming the second season, bigger, badder and better than the first, with $60,000 in funding. It doesn't have that money, but it's betting some of its fans do.

Fallout: Nuka Break has a Kickstarter running to raise the full $60,000 for its second season. Watch the video above for a brief rundown of what Nuka Break does and who will be involved, including Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth actor Doug Jones, who has a scotch-based cameo in the Kickstarter video itself. Nuka Break has 59 days left to raise its money, but if you're still not convinced check out Wayside's previous episodes, beginning right here.

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