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Qbo goes legit, now up for pre-order on maker's site


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Graduation day is always tough on parents. So, you'll have to forgive the growing pains experienced by TheCorpora, whose six years in development labor of cybernetic love, Qbo, is now ready for mass consumption. To make this ever-evolving, endearing bot on wheels easily accessible, the team's divvied up its commercial wares into two distinct offerings: Basic and Complete. For the soldering prone among you, that former kit comes with a chassis, plastic coverings and an array of the cutesy android's mechanic guts, all at your disposal for assembly. Devs less interested in getting their hands dirty and more concerned with coding can opt-in for the fuller set in either Pro or Lite versions, replete with a fully constructed unit and differing only in the variety of motherboard and CPU configuration used. The outfit's accepting pre-orders on its site now, with the base model running about 500 Euros (about $656) and the higher end packages emptying wallets at 1,700 Euros (about $2,230) and 2,300 Euros (about $3,017) apiece. Those are certainly hefty investments for the at-home hobbyist, but can you really put a price on synthetic love? We didn't think so.

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