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Roku 2 boxes updated for Francophones and English speakers alike


The latest update for Roku 2 and LT boxes is rolling out to all now, bringing the boxes to v4.6 and reportedly improving system navigation performance "by up to 50 percent". As noticed by Zatz Not Funny when it first started leaking out, this version includes the French language support required by Roku's Canadian launch (that's the channel selection for Canada pictured above) this week, while the official blog notes several other fixes and tweaks that should make launching channels like Netflix and BBC iPlayer a more reliable experience. As usual, it should be pushed to every box over the next couple of days, but you can speed up the process by manually checking for an update. Have an older Roku player? Don't worry, Director of Product Management Tom Markworth closes telling owners to "stay tuned" for future updates coming their way as well.

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