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YouTube hiring for next-gen console app integration [update]


YouTube is padding its ranks with next-gen gaming console programmers, looking to "build the next generation game-console-based TV experience with YouTube video content," a Google Jobs listing found by IGN reveals. YouTube already has an app on Xbox 360, but apparently it wants to build a presence across all next-gen platforms, seeking someone with "deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and/or Nintendo Wii."

YouTube is seeking someone to "deliver a compelling lean back experience with monetization and e-commerce offerings (ie, pay-per-stream, ads)" and "develop leading edge User Interfaces and delight users with innovative media rich solutions." Looks like YouTube wants to figure out how to take our money, but wants to make us happy about it. That's better than wanting our money, but making us depressed about it.

Now if YouTube would develop a PC app, it'd have all the important consoles covered. Oh... wait.

Update: This is actually the same job listing Google posted a year ago. Please, someone go make YouTube's new app already!

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