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    Daily iPhone App: Bills is a colorful bill management and payment tracking app


    Bills from Sockii recently landed in the iOS App Store, and we took the bill tracking app for a spin. Like its competitors, Bills has all the core features you need to track and organize your bills.

    It has statistics to let you see where your money is being spent, categories to help you organize bills, a customizable history that lets you display bills within a select time frame, reminders, and more. If you need to backup your data, Bills has iCloud support, so you can backup and sync across devices.

    There's also a payment tracker that lets you enter the date and the amount you paid for a bill. The payment information is stored within the app and viewable as a payment history. Unlike BillMinder, Bills does not let you send this payment information to a third-party app like Pocket Money.

    If you like your user interface to have more than shades of grey, then you will like Bills. The app has colorful interface that uses a wood backdrop, purple headers, black background for text and green and blue buttons.

    The biggest problem I encountered with Bills version 1.0.3 is its picker wheel. When you enter a bill, the app uses the picker wheel to select the category, repeating frequency, and reminder. These wheels have an unusual behavior that prevents you from scrolling downward when you reach the top item on the list.

    For example, I can select the category picker and scroll to the first item, which is "Cell Phone". If I change my mind and want a different category like Utility, I can't scroll back down. I have to grab the picker wheel, pull it down and then flick it back up to move the wheel again. This doesn't happen on other apps with picker wheels, and occurred on two different iPhone 4S handsets and my iPad, all of which are on iOS 5.1.

    If you really want a colorful Bill tracking app and can tolerate the unusual scrolling, then you might want to add Bills to your list of apps. It costs US$2.99, so you should think hard first before making that choice. If the scrolling turns you off, then you should wait for an update or look elsewhere. There are several other quality bill tracking apps like BillMinder from return7 and BillTracker from SnapTap, which is on sale for 99-cents as of the writing of this post.

    You can download Bills from the iOS App Store.

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