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New Halo 4 shots reintroduce Grunts, Elites, and ... guns?


Are you sitting down? Are you fully braced? You should probably brace yourself for this shocking news: Halo 4 will have Grunts, Elites, and guns. Yes, it's true, Master Chief will once again be blasting through suicidal Grunts and proud Elites in his battle against ... well, we're not really sure.

But these latest shots, freshly leaked on AllGamesBeta, assure us that at least two of Halo's classic foes will be returning in Halo 4. We're holding out hope that the Flood manage to miss this round. Please, 343 Industries? Pretty please?

Regardless, the screen above also indicates it's been over three years since the Chief's last contact with his former UNSC buddies. That's quite a bit of sleep. Enough to call it hibernation, even! And now we're picturing space bears in hibernation. Thanks, Halo.

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