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BioWare publishes this week's SWTOR community Q&A, preps for next week

Jef Reahard

BioWare has published a selection of community questions (and answers) on its official Star Wars: The Old Republic website. The firm is making a concerted effort to reach out to its players lately, and the Q&A is the latest effort that comes on the heels of a website revamp and the in-game rakghoul plague.

Combat designer Cameron Winston fields a query about SWTOR's threat mechanics, while lead designer Damion Schubert talks about the logic behind the equipment available at commendation vendors. "We don't want you to get all of the pieces of an armor set from any one source of gear. We want you to do multiple activities in the game to build out a full set of gear. This is a conscious decision on our part to encourage and reward playing multiple facets of the game. So you should do other things -- heroics, check the GTN, etc. -- the full set of gear is out there," he explains.

BioWare has also made two new discussion threads available on the forums: one for this week's questions and one for next week's Q&A.

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