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Breakfast Topic: Old orcish proverb says "every orc is worth a dozen"


Orcish proverbs -- profound, enlightening, deep. Also, incredibly dumb, when you think about it. Blame Mike Sacco for "Every orc is worth a dozen." That's his brilliance. Can you imagine, a young Thrall being coached by his shamanistic mentors and warriors in camp, a sore loss in the sparing ring. Calm, cool, collected, he hears his teacher speak: "Thrall, remember. Every orc is worth a dozen. Act it!"

My personal favorite original orcish proverb is "The axe is the sharpest fist you've got." It's unexpected, absolutely deep, and just dumb enough that Garrosh would say it, like a picture off-center but barely noticeable. I think I really like the imagery. "Luckily, puny human, the axe that I carry is the sharpest fist that I've got!"

"What, wha--"

Splorch. Slice.

What do you guys got for me? Let's hear your orcish proverbs. When you stand in front of Garrosh Hellscream as he instructs you to head to the uncharted island of Pandaria, what will his words of wisdom be?

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