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GOG gifts bonuses to miffed Botanicula pre-orderers

Jordan Mallory

GOG's pre-order deal for Botanicula, getting the game for a dollar less than the post-launch retail price, seemed like a pretty legit bargain for Amanita Design's floral adventure. That is, until The Humble Botanicula Debut Bundle showed up, offering Botanicula, Machinarium and Samorost 2 for any amount of money you wanted.

Naturally, some folks that had pre-ordered Botanicula from GOG felt slighted, as they'd paid (nearly) full price for a game that almost immediately made available for close to zero dollars, in a bundle that also included two other games.

"This left an unsurprisingly sour taste in some gamers' mouths, and we were just as surprised by the launch of the Humble Botanicula Debut as anyone else was," reads GOG's olive branch. To make things right, anyone who purchased Botanicula from GOG prior to 12:00 GMT on April 20 will receive a free copy of Machinarium, as well as links to download "the full soundtrack and a special artbook of Botanicula designs and character sketches."

Additionally, everyone entitled to the above rewards will also receive a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut. Goodies are expected to begin arriving sometime tomorrow.

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