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HTC One X sold early at AT&T, spotted in the wild

Darren Murph

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HTC's hotly anticipated One X isn't supposed to ship to AT&T customers until May 6th, but there's a reason we're emphasizing the whole "supposed" thing. One lucky reader has managed to convince one particular store to sell them a handset early, with $199 (and a new two-year agreement) being all it took to grab hold of what'll undoubtedly be one of 2012's strongest Android phones. There's a gallery of shots below as proof, and if you'd like to try your luck at a local outfit, we certainly won't step up to stop you. (But look, you'll probably be waiting a few more weeks -- just sayin'.)

[Thanks, Anonymous]

Gallery: HTC One X sold early through AT&T | 3 Photos

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