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Norton introduces a password manager, Identity Safe (updated)

Norton, better known for its antivirus software, is attempting to take on AgileBits' 1Password with the release of Identity Safe, a password manager for the Mac. Like 1Password, it takes over the task of remembering passwords and generating new ones, keeping the information stored in the cloud. Norton is trying to lure in new customers by offering Identity Safe for free until October 1.

There are versions of Identity Safe available for Mac and iOS. However, unlike 1Password which stands on its own, the iOS app is dependent on having the Mac version of Identity Safe installed. A review for the iOS app has criticized Norton for not making Identity Safe compatible with other Norton software that has password security built in.

Update: Despite advertising that a Mac version of Identity Safe is available, including links on Norton's site, the download link states that Mac OS is not supported at this time ... even though it's required to utilize the iOS version of Identity Safe.

Update (4/24): Norton has informed TUAW that the Mac version of Identity Safe is now available for download.

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