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The Walking Dead walks on over to PC, Mac, PS3 tomorrow


Hoard up your supplies and board up your windows, walkers are coming. More specifically, the first episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead, titled "A New Day," will be shuffling its way over to PC, Mac and PlayStation Network (for PS3) tomorrow.

PC and Mac users can still pre-order the entire season for $22.49 – 10% off the usual price. As a bonus of sorts, PC and Mac users can bundle The Walking Dead with Telltale's "Almost Everything Pack" – which includes nearly every game in the Telltale catalog and normally sells for $90 – for a total of $42.99. PSN users, meanwhile, can grab the first episode for $4.99, or pre-purchase the entire season for $19.99, shaving $5 off the normal price and receiving a premium PS3 theme to boot.

Just remember, if you must point and click zombies, be sure you click them in the head.

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