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ArenaNet prepares fans for Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event

ArenaNet has followed up its recent beta weekend event blogpost with a short video going through the details of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 BWE. The team has also confirmed that emails are being sent out to get BWE participants the information they need to download the beta client and be ready for the weekend.

The event, which runs from Friday the 27th at 3:00pm EDT to 3:00am on Monday the 30th, will introduce players to the Charr, Human, and Norn early zones as well as allowing players to get into epic WvW battles and hotjoinable PvP. Lion's Arch, a huge city that's undergone massive changes since the original Guild Wars, will be explorable for the first time. Check out what Martin Kerstein and Mike Zadorojny have to say about it in the video after the cut.

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