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Diablo 3 beta pulled 300K simultaneous players into its special little hell


Diablo 3's weekend beta went about as smoothly as a hamster in a ball rolling down an erupting volcano – which is to say it was completely normal for a high-profile beta test. Saturday saw a peak of 300,000 concurrent players, Blizzard community manager Micah Whipple (Bashiok) tweeted, reporting the full number of testers for the weekend was "a lot."

Testers reported login and server errors as early as Friday, and a few complaints centered on the skill UI and other tweakable usability issues. The beta hit its main points, allowing people to play the full demo, leveling their characters to 13 and fighting the Skeleton King. All testing data will be wiped and players will start fresh when Diablo 3 launches on May 15.

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