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EVE's Escalation video talks new status bar, missile effects, and more [Updated]

Jef Reahard

It's patch day in New Eden. Today's Escalation update is the first step on the road to next month's Inferno expansion, so CCP has rolled out a new dev diary video to give all you internet spaceship jockeys a heads-up on the more pertinent changes.

Lead designer CCP Soundwave is today's talking head. He takes us through the changes to the drone regions, which CCP hopes will revitalize EVE Online's mining trade. "Mining will actually be done through mining rather than shooting NPCs," Soundwave deadpans.

Incursion spawns and payouts are also being tweaked, though Soundwave doesn't spend much time on that particular detail in this video. He does show off EVE's new effect bar, though. Prior to the patch, pilots needed to hunt down aggressors via the game's overview, but now there's a little status bar above the hull/armor/shield readout that displays pertinent combat info at a glance.

Finally, CCP has been hard at work revamping EVE's missile effects. The tweaks follow on from last year's turret upgrades to bring even more visual ooohs and ahhhs to EVE's combat. More details are available in the clip after the cut.

[Update: While the missile effects are featured in the video, we've changed the title of the article to reflect the fact that they're not live yet. We've also flogged ourselves accordingly.]

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