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Cheap data just got cheaper at AT&T [Updated with bad news]


I just got the nicest surprise on my iPhone. I don't know how long this has been going on, but my AT&T Pay as You Go feature packs just got much, much better. If you're a PayGo customer for an old iPhone like I am (I use PayGo with my 3GS), your $5 now buys you 50MB.

Here's a quick comparison of the old and new allocation amounts.

Feature Pack Cost Old Allocation New Allocation
$5 10 MB 50 MB
$15 100 MB 200 MB
$25 500 MB 1 GB

If you want to learn about putting a PayGo SIM into your GSM iPhone, hop on over to this older post that describes all the details.

Update: Looks like bad news along with the good. I have not seen this myself. This screen shot is courtesy of @techclimb. I cannot confirm this policy change but I've reached out to AT&T for comment.


Here's the message I received today:


Further Update: An AT&T spokesperson confirms: "Yes, customers on certain GoPhone voice plans ($2/day and the $0.10/min option) need to subscribe to a monthly plan in order to use a data package. (Customers on those two plans can still pay a PPU rate for data, of course...) Qualifying monthly plans are the $50 Unlimited Talk & Text nationwide plan for GoPhone smartphones and the $25 Unlimited Text with 250 minutes nationwide GoPhone plan. "

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