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Google Drive is coming to Linux, tells users to 'hang tight'


As you may know, there is at least one out and proud Ubuntu devotee on staff. So, when Google Drive was announced, there were a few grumbles from those who noticed Linux was absent from the list of supported platforms. Especially in the wake of Picasa for Linux, many were afraid that Big G was slowly killing off it's (comparably) robust support of the open-source OS. But, rest easy, in addition to Dropbox and Ubuntu One, soon enough you'll be able to use Google's offering as well. Google Docs community manager Teresa Wu (we assume, soon enough, that will be Google Drive community manager) swung by a potential customer's Google+ profile to assuage his ire over the lack of Linux support. The message, while not very detailed, was quite clear: "we're working on Linux support -- hang tight!"

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