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'Resistance: The Trilogy' pops up on Amazon France with May 16 launch


Normally when we report on retail listings outing a game, said retail listing is quickly pulled down to avoid embarrassment. In the case of Resistance: The Trilogy, well, apparently Amazon France isn't too concerned. A listing – one that's still live as of this writing – for just such a game popped up on Amazon France, spotted by UK site CVG.

The listing puts a May 16 launch date and a €59.99 ($79.99) price tag on the unannounced bundle, which we're guessing means a May 15 launch here in North America (and a likely $59.99 pricing). You've probably already guessed as much, but the product listing confirms the trilogy as a repackaging of the three Resistance titles already available for the PlayStation 3. With such a revealing product page, we expect to hear something more official from Sony as the day goes on. We've reached out regardless in the meantime.

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