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Total ArKade makes mobile word game 'AbraWordabra' appear


The first game from Total ArKade, the company started by ex-Halfbrick employee Tony Takoushi, is "AbraWordabra" for iOS, Android, and Bada, a title that shows the studio's commitment to camel case.

It's also a collection of word games built around the concept of grabbing animate letter-block people as they amble around the bottom of the screen – they're normal people who have been transformed into letter blocks by an evil magician, naturally. You'll put those people to good use by first dropping them into a magic book to turn them to letters, then filling in missing letters from words, rewriting misspelled words, coming up with the biggest word you can in a limited time, and guiding floating letters to safety by tilting the phone.

You'll be able to pull AbraWordabra out of a hat (by which we mean your phone's app store) on May 2. A free "lite" version will be released the same day.

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