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Ask Massively: This hat has ruined everything edition

Eliot Lefebvre

I was having trouble coming up with a topic for this week's header, so I tried writing down a bunch of different topics on pieces of paper and sticking them in a hat. Then I put the hat on. Now I still don't know what to write for this week's header, and I have an ugly hat on my head. Plus, little bits of paper are jammed against my head, and it's itchy. I knew this would be a problem starting with the bowler hat.

This week's Ask Massively will go on despite my itchy scalp and ugly hat. And in this edition, I'm talking about potential Eastern games for a player looking for new games and beta invitations. If you'd like to have a question answered in a future installment of the column, send it to or leave it in the comments. Questions may be edited slightly for clarity and/or brevity.

Everyone in the world asked: Did you know Guild Wars 2 beta invitations are going out?

InsideTheForest asked: I'm looking for a good MMO with an Asian theme to it (Korea/China/Japan, doesn't matter), preferably one that isn't crazy grindy. Suggestions?
This is a a difficult question largely because grind is one of those really personal words. For some people, doing more than two quests that require the same basic objectives is a grind. For others, doing the same quest for hours on end isn't really a grind as long as you have fun in the process. But I'm going to guess for the purposes of this question that you're mostly looking for something with the Eastern aesthetic that's a bit more active than, say, Lineage II. (The grind in that game is legendary.)

If you don't mind a game where the art seems to have been directed by Rob Liefeld, TERA is a definite option. The quests are fairly mundane from what I've heard, but the combat is active enough to keep you engaged regardless. Zentia has also provoked no small amount of devotion from the Massively staff. And there's always the option of holding out for ArcheAge when and if it finally comes over to US shores. There's also Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, but both of them are rather fond of the grind as a mechanic.
mrbeck asked: Doesn't the Disciple in Vanguard fight in melee with a staff?
Very possibly! But I've never played Vanguard. And it's still one drop in an ocean of sticks with lawn ornaments.
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