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Former Nokia Exec: Elop is struggling, shouldn't focus so heavily on Windows Phone

Brian Heater

Former Nokia executive Lee Williams admits that he's a bit of an "arm chair quarterback," but won't let such labels stop him from offering up some seriously pointed criticism of Stephen Elop, telling CNET that the CEO is "struggling," due in part to a lack of "overarching vision." Williams cites the company's shift in focus to Windows Phone as a cause of the companies woes, adding,

It might have made sense to introduce a product or two into the portfolio based on Windows Phone. What I do not think they should have done is pretend it is a one horse race, and that one software system is all you need. They have executed in this fashion, and are paying for it.

Not that Williams is advocating backing just Symbian either. "One size does not fit all," he explains, "and I think technology religion is dangerous in a good products company. You cannot marry yourself to any one technology or way of doing something." More furniture football in the source link below.

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