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Realms Online introduces the Lamai

Eliot Lefebvre

Adding a new race to a factional PvP game is always a dicey proposition with regard to faction balance, but Realms Online is taking a measured approach with its newest race. The diminutive Lamai have just been added, and they aren't beholden to any single faction -- they can join any realm and play as any class. That flexibility is meant to reflect their nature as an ancient race that left the planet ages ago.

Of course, there's also the problem that if you're enticed by the new race, you'll have to start all over from the first level. As a promotion to help players interested in playing a Lamai, GameSamba is offering a sale on experience boosts in the game's shop. It's 25% off of level 30 scrolls, and 10 XP boosters for the price of eight. Not a bad deal if you want to level a new character, whether it's a lamai or something else.

[Source: GameSamba press release]

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