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T.G.I. Friday's to let diners pay with their iPhones


In here, it's always Friday®, and you can always pay for your food and booze with your iPhone. Casual dining chain T.G.I. Friday's has announced that iPhone owners can now use a mobile payment option called Tabbedout to pay their bills. The option is part of a free mobile app called Friday's that came out a few days ago.

You'll be able to launch the app and enter your credit card info as a payment option. Once you're ready to pay up, the app will use the credit card on file to settle your bill. At this point, the Friday's app can be used in 350 of the 600 T.G.I Friday's restaurants. It's expected that many franchisee-owned restaurants will sign on.

Tabbedout has integrated their service with seven of the biggest restaurant point of sale providers. In the case of T.G.I. Friday's, that provider is Micros, and the integration allows a customer to pay their bill without waiting for a server to bring it to the table. Tabbedout recently partnered with PayPal to provide another payment option for users, and has a free app available that allows iPhone owners to pay up at a small, but growing number of other restaurants and bars.

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