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Dungeon Defenders 'Aquanos' DLC flows onto Steam


Dungeon Defenders' "Aquanos" expansion, the third droplet in the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards series, is available now through Steam. The $4 pack will also be available May 15 on the PlayStation Network, but is currently lost at sea for XBLA, with no word on when it'll wash ashore. [Okay, that's enough! - Ed.]

The wet 'n' wild new area releases the Kraken as a new boss, includes 10 new items, a new pet and a mermaid outfit for the Countess. It also adds the new Sharken enemy and an eight-player co-op challenge called the "Shipwreck Graveyard Uber Monster Fest."

The developers at Trendy are still on the lookout for folks who can design better Dungeon Defender maps than even they can ... and they'll pay.

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