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Mysterious Sam's Club listing for 'Midnight Purple' 3DS surfaces

Jordan Mallory

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Given that purple plastic housings were as iconic to the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance as many of the games that made them so wildly successful, it's always struck us as odd that Nintendo's subsequent handhelds haven't followed suit. Sure, we have Pearl Pink and some gorgeous limited edition models, but what about that classic Grape, or Atomic Purple?

Someone at Nintendo may just share our sentiment, as a listing for a "Midnight Purple" 3DS has been discovered on Sam's Club. The page lists the model just below market value at $168.58, although no other information is given or implied, nor are any pictures available for legit-ness verification. Obviously no official announcement has been made by Nintendo, but we've got our collective ears to the ground and will update with any information that arrises.

[Thanks, Andrew!]

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