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VVVVVV hits European eShop on May 10

Jordan Mallory

Terry Cavanagh's 2D excursion into the world of gravity control and chiptune excellence, VVVVVV, finally has a release date for its long-belated debut on the European eShop: May 10. The announcement comes to us via Twitter, where publisher Nicalis revealed that VVVVVV has passed Nintendo of Europe's certification process – implying immediately afterwards that the game will hit virtual store shelves on "MMMMMMay 10th."

VVVVVV's European eShop debut will take place a little over two years after the game's original release in January of 2010, and while that may sound like a long time, fake scientific studies have shown that it takes at least four and a half years to get the game's phenomenal soundtrack out of your head. So, comparatively, the delay isn't really all that bad.

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