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Guild Wars 2 resumes digital sales, addresses denied accounts


Beta weekends are no strangers to rocky and unexpected events, as Guild Wars 2 can now attest. While many players are currently testing the heck out of the game, some have been shut out due to an error code on their account while others have been unable to pre-purchase the game due to halted sales of the digital product. ArenaNet has addressed both of these issues to help players resolve the matters and get into the beta.

The error code (9:4:5:1093:101) that some are getting signifies that the account is not flagged for the beta event. According to ArenaNet, this is either because the players used a pre-order instead of a pre-purchase code and accidentally received an invite email to the event or that a credit card was flagged during the pre-purchase order. In the case of the former, ArenaNet will honor the mistaken emails and allow all recipients into the remainder of the event.

The studio also announced that it has increased capacity for the beta event and thus has begun selling digital standard and digital deluxe pre-purchases of Guild Wars 2 once more.

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