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Previously on MV TV: The week of April 21st


What a week it has been in Massively's world of streaming games! We have a little bit of something for all types of viewers. Hardcores, roleplayers, explorers, crafters and lazy-bums like yours truly: We have something for all of you. Be sure to bookmark our livestream schedule page so that you can always see the schedule ahead of time. It's much easier to plan your life around our videos if you know the schedule early. Invite your friends... we love to hear from new people in the chat room!

This week, we had some EVE Online adventuring with Mike followed by his attempt at Drakensang Online, a browser-based action MMO. Adventure Mike took a spin in the way-back machine and streamed some EverQuest, and MJ scored some time in EverQuest II, a chunk of Vanguard, and Aion. She's been a very busy streamer! Lastly, I took a look at Gemstone IV, a fantastic MUD that almost brought tears to my eyes. Tears of frustration, but many tears of joy.

Let's get to watching!

EVE Online banner
Mike stormed into EVE Online's level two missions and learned one important fact: Some ships just aren't built for level twos. After avoiding a near-death and heading back to his hangar for a true tank of a ship, Mike returned to the scene of the crime to lay down some serious missile-based punishment. KA-BOOM! Find out what it's like to storm solo missions and wear cowboy hats in this week's stream.

Drakensang Online banner
Mike ventured into the realm of free-to-play, browser-based MMOs with Drakensang Online, and man was it ever a blast. The game boasts gorgeously rendered fireballs by the dozen and enough bog monsters, skeletons, and gremlins to send all but the most seasoned adventurers running for the hills. Check out the stream and find out what Drakensang has to offer curious players. For Mike, it was a series of moments causing him to exclaim, "That was so sick!"

EverQuest banner
On this week's Wednesday night stream, Adventure Mike stepped into the wayback machine to traverse the realm of Norrath. EverQuest is near and dear to Mike's heart, so he tends to ramble quite a bit when it comes to the game and how it has affected him over the years. He took viewers step by step through their first experience in this old world as he completedd quests, explained the UI, and got himself some shiny purple gear. Watch the first kill-10-rats quest in action and maybe learn a thing or two if you haven't tried the game since it's changed to free-to-play!

EverQuest II banner
So how many levels did MJ make it through in her one hour of powerleveling this week? A hefty 20, thank you very much! Little Emyja is not so little anymore. It just goes to show you what one high-level friend, a free hour, and little regard for personal safety can do. Countering the notion that dungeons are all about caution and strategy, MJ didn't even have time to loot and was forced to pass up shinies! Don't believe us? Take a look and see for yourself! Just remember, don't try those pulls at home without proper safety gear or plenty of coins for repairs.

Vanguard banner
While watching grass grow may not be considered too exciting, watching MJ's new house sprout up in Vanguard was pretty entertaining. Was it her charm? Her wit? Nah, it must have been the GM haunting! That, or locking Jeremy in the house. The night began with viewers choosing the plot and ended with MJ hanging a pig on the wall. Missed her reaction to an unexpected snowman on the beach? You can still watch it!

Aion banner
Though off to a slow start thanks to that dreaded queue, MJ finally made it into the Terath Dredgion. And there was much rejoicing! And then slaughter. In a fast-paced race against the clock, Team Elyos was down from the get-go, moving along slightly more slowerly than the Asmodians in Aion's premier example of PvPvE. The score remained fairly close as each side cleared through rooms until finally the two groups clashed and the PvP started. How did it end? Watch the stream to see!

Gemstone IV banner
I jumped right into Gemstone IV, a MUD that is something like 374-years-old. Goodness, it has really held up and surprised me so much. Sure, I spent about 78% of the time aggravated and frustrated at the learning curve and issues with adjusting the client, but once past all of that, I had a blast. Check out this stream and see just what makes a good MUD so special.

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.

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