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Halo 4 heading 'Forward Unto Dawn' with new live-action web series [update: teaser image]


It wouldn't be a Halo launch without a tremendous media campaign, and Halo 4 looks to be no different. The weeks leading up to the Master Chief's return this November will be filled with a new web series entitled "Forward Unto Dawn," according to Variety. Representing Microsoft's "largest investment" in live-action ever, the series will be shown on Machinima and Halo Waypoint.

Details around the series still lie dormant – perhaps buried in a Forerunner facility – with Microsoft aiming to shed more light on the project at the San Diego Comic-Con this July. Using our own pervasive powers of prognostication, we're going to predict that Spartans figure into the series somehow.

Update: Microsoft has passed along an image to promote the series and, sure enough, it looks like the Chief will be making an appearance. Check out the full image in the gallery below.

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