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Joy Ride Turbo is the Kinectless sequel to Kinect Joy Ride

Jordan Mallory

So uh, you guys remember Kinect Joy Ride, that launch-window Kinect kart racing title from November of 2010? Well, developer BigPark is making a sequel: Joy Ride Turbo. As you can surmise from the peculiar lack of the word "Kinect" in the title, Joy Ride Turbo will, in fact, not be a Kinect game when it launches in the coming weeks.

The game will launch as an XBLA title, rather than a full retail release like its predecessor. It features Battle Race, Pro Race and Time Trial modes, as well as a new "Stunt Park," which allows players to drive over cliffs and out of cannons at (presumably) very high speeds.

Exploring the park yields new rides (42 in total), upgrades, as well as coins and trophies of unknown significance. Local multiplayer is supported for up to four players, with races capping out at eight drivers online. Steal a glance at some aerial automotive avatar acrobatics in the gallery below.

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