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Skyrim Kinect patch out tomorrow; here's a list of voice commands


Tomorrow Bethesda hatches its scheme to coax your inner Dragonborn into speaking – well, Dragonborn with a second-language credit in English, anyway. The free Kinect update adds over 200 different voice recognition commands to English-speaking regions; there are a bunch of new things to memorize, so Bethesda made a handy glossary for you to load up on your iPad or print out. The .pdf files can be accessed by clicking here.

Simply boot up Skyrim and install the mandatory Xbox 360 update tomorrow. After spending some time with it ourselves earlier this month, we liked how it bypassed a lot of menu work. The Bethesda Blog says the German, Italian, Spanish and French versions are all "in final testing" and that we should hear more regarding those territories soon.

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