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Apple updates iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand for iOS

Apple just pushed a series of updates for its iLife iOS apps. The iPhoto 1.0.1 update doesn't add any new features, but does offer a number of stability improvements including when publishing a journal to iCloud, the URL of the journal can now be copied using a Copy Link button. It also addresses an issue that could cause duplicate photos to appear in Photos view. iPhoto for iOS was first released at the beginning of March and in only 10 days hit one million downloads.

GarageBand 1.2.1 fixes an issue that could lead to crashing or missing songs when sharing to iCloud, resolves an error when logging into SoundCloud using a Facebook account, and addresses minor issues related to performance and stability.

iMovie 1.3.1 squashes a number of bugs, including problems accessing Help on iPad. There's also a new feature too: now you can easily send a song from GarageBand to iMovie.

Apple also pushed another update to its Cards app. The 1.1.2 update doesn't address any noted issues that weren't already listed in the previous two updates to the app in April.

iPhoto, GarageBand, and iMovie are $4.99 each and Cards is a free download.

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