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FortressCraft reaches 750K downloads


Xbox Live Indie Game FortressCraft – better known as "that game that looks an awful lot like Minecraft" – has sold 750,000 units. Word of the achievement comes from developer Adam Sawkins' Twitter.

As Eurogamer points out, the game has taken heat for being a Minecraft clone. "You can spend ages creating amazing things in it, but Minecraft's never been about the creative aspect, any more than [Grand Theft Auto] is about making sculptures out of buses," Sawkins told the site. "FortressCraft, on the other hand, has focused almost entirely on the creative aspect."

Sawkins revealed last August that FortressCraft had earned over a million dollars. The question is if FortressCraft can hit that million-unit mark in the face of competition from daddy Minecraft, which hits Xbox Live Arcade on May 9.

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