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Korea loosens regulations on mobile phone sales


Korea is establishing a new policy that'll let customers buy phones and service separately, according to a report in MK Business news. Wireless customers will be able to shop for phones from a variety of retailers including supermarkets, malls and manufacturers like Apple. Even phones bought overseas can be activated as long as the handset uses the same frequencies as the Korean carrier.

Once they buy their phones, customers can subscribe to a calling and data plan later. This is a significant change from current policy, which forces customers to get their phones directly from the carrier and sign up for service immediately.

Reaction to this change is mixed in the Korean country. Some experts hope this will loosen the grip that carriers have on the Korean mobile marketplace. Others think this may harm consumers who will have to pay more for service because carriers may stop offering discounts. The new policy is expected to go into effect today, May 1.

[Via Electronista]

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