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When to get the best deals on Apple products


Our buddies at Dealnews sent a link yesterday to a fascinating post written by blogger Louis Ramirez. Over the past three years, they've been collecting pricing data from Apple and other retailers, and now Dealnews has come up with some guidelines on how long to wait after the introduction of a new Apple product to get the best price on it.

The figures vary from device to device, but you can usually expect to see a fairly quick drop in price from Apple Authorized Resellers like MacConnection, MacMall, and Amazon. For an 11" MacBook Air, for example, the price from these resellers dropped US$49 off of Apple's suggested retail price in about a day, while you'd have to wait for almost two months to see a $40 discount on the price of an iPad.

As you'd expect, the bargains get larger as time elapses. Wait four months after the release of an 11" MacBook Air and that $49 discount climbs to $149. How about the iPad? You need to wait until just before the release of a new model to see any significant discount -- 12 months after the release of a model, you'll commonly see reseller discounts of $139.

For those of you who can wait a bit while before picking up the latest Apple technology from an Authorized Reseller -- not the local Apple Store -- it looks like you can save some real money. Be sure to take a look at the Dealnews post for further details on all of the major Apple products.

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