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Diablo III's Wizard rebels against the system


The cracking you hear is the sound of thousands of index fingers flexing and twitching in anticipation for Diablo III's release. It's... kind of disturbing to behold, actually. To take our mind off the wait (or perhaps to exacerbate it), Blizzard has released the final class spotlight, this time featuring the Wizard.

Diablo III's Wizards are described as "brilliant practitioners of the arcane arts who deftly wield the energies of fire, ice, lightning, and even time itself in the pursuit of their enigmatic goals." These Wizards are part of an underground rebellion that is seeking great power, and they are scorned by the mages in charge, yet they may be the only ones to save the world from the great new threat that's arisen.

Check out the fire-and-brimstone action of the Wizard after the jump!

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