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Jawbone releases Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker

If you're in the market for a portable hi-fi sound system, Jawbone has announced its US$299 Big Jambox speaker, which vows to turn any Bluetooth-capable mobile device into a sophisticated sound system.

One of the neat things about the speaker is that you can hook it to a computer and download software updates and apps to further customize it. TechCrunch took it for a quick spin and was impressed with the LiveAudio feature that's native on the Big Jambox (and available on the original via software update).

While the portability, the ability to use the Jambox as a speakerphone with FaceTime, Skype or GoogleTalk, and other features are a plus, the price might be a turn off to some.

The Big Jambox is available for pre-order and will ship by May 15.

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