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Matt Higby discusses PlanetSide 2's progression and customization

Eliot Lefebvre

PlanetSide 2 has but one real game it must live up to, but if you consider the unique elements that its predecessor brought to the table, that's still a tall order. A recent interview with the game's creative director, Matt Higby, highlights the ways that the game is being designed to fulfill the requirements of an engaging MMO and an engaging FPS. That means giving characters plenty of progression without locking out new players who just want to shoot things.

The game's overall progression path is meant to be one of options, not straight power. That's the case for classes as well as advancement; Heavy Assault characters will play distinctly from other classes, but they'll have a variety of unique abilities that players can choose among. The interview also sheds more light on what players can expect from the game's overarching persistent elements, which set the game and its factions apart from standard FPS fare. The game still has a long way to go in development, but what's been shown thus far is definitely an encouraging start.

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