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Microsoft ditches Windows Live brand, explains new approach to cloud services


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Confused by Microsoft's array of internet/cloud-based services for Windows and Windows Phone? Then it looks like the company's been listening to you. In his latest blog post for the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft's Steven Sinofksy explains the company's new approach to cloud services in Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and confirms one big change: it's doing away with the Windows Live brand entirely. Replacing it is something simply called the Microsoft account, which you can use to both sign in to Microsoft's own services and tie to other third-party services like Twitter or Facebook. That one account can also be used to sign in on various devices and immediately have access to Microsoft's various services, which are now all definitely called "apps," and are also taking on a more unified approach across both Windows 8 and Windows Phone (as you can see in the chart above). In addition to the former Windows Live branded services, that includes the longstanding MSN Messenger, which will now simply be known as "Messaging." As usual, Sinofksy's described all those changes at some length -- hit the source link below for his full post.

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