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Ubisoft planning to expand Toronto studio to 800 employees within 10 years


Ubisoft Montreal, as we've reported before, is a huge video game outfit with a large team of developers coordinating multiple projects at a time, across up to six different studios. Ubisoft wants to repeat that structure in its new Toronto studio, according to the Financial Post. The French company is adding over 600 employees to the current staff of 210 over the next 10 years, which means an investment of over $500 million in that time.

That has big ramifications, not only for Ubisoft's future as a publisher and developer, but for Toronto's Wallace Avenue neighborhood as well (where these employees will live, work, and spend all of this money). As for the studio itself, it's currently at work on five upcoming Ubisoft titles, including the next Splinter Cell. As more and more is invested in the operation there, that list will probably grow.

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