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Wizard101 invites players into the mythical realm of Avalon


Wizard101 players have been all over, from the lush jungles of Zafaria to the pyramids of Krokotopia, but as of today there's a whole new land for them to explore: the mystical land of Avalon. Avalon, as the name implies, is a land based in Arthurian legend, and it also happens to be the former home of Ravenwood's headmaster, Merle Ambrose.

But all is not well in the usually idyllic Avalon. The nefarious Umbra Queen Morganthe and her minions are causing trouble, and it's up to the players to find and recover the legendary blade of King Artorius, the Sword of Kings, and put a stop to Morganthe's mayhem. Players who are level 70 or above and who have completed the quest Through Glass, Darkly can find their way to Avalon by speaking to Merle Ambrose, who will send them on a quest to the new zone. For the full details on the new update, magick your way on over to the Wizard101 official site.

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