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4 best Blizzard customer support videos


Blizzard is a fairly tech-savvy company. You can tell on account of this huge, massive game it runs. More importantly, though, Blizzard maintains a fairly robust online presence even outside of the game. It even keeps a fully stocked, awesome YouTube channel dedicated to Customer Support.

The thing you might not realize about the videos is that they're awesome. I don't just mean that in the sense that Blizzard is putting good information out there; the videos themselves are well crafted, lots of fun, and brilliantly narrated. I'd like to make sure you're not missing out on any of the cool stuff. So let's review the best Blizzard support videos available on YouTube.

Item Restoration

The Item Restoration video above is probably my favorite video. It introduces the new Item Restoration service, which is a huge benefit all its own. The narrator really grabs this subject by the horns and runs with it. Of course, the shocked worgen is equally awesome, and I spent the day making my own shocked worgen face at myself in the mirror.

Guild Services

Are you considering using the Guild Services? Are you tired of your old Firefly joke name and now want to trade up to a hip new Supernatural guild name? Or maybe you want to jump realms to start over in a new realm. That's what Guild Services is for. This video will walk you through the requirements, the process, and what it takes to get it done.

What to do after being hacked

One of the most frequent questions I encounter is what someone should do after being hacked. I can nearly set my watch by it. You could blow your mind pondering how many people still haven't put an authenticator on their accounts. So, people still get hacked.

This quick video spells out your steps after your account has been compromised. This is a video that you absolutely should keep in mind. If the unthinkable happens to you, start here. Mobile Alerts

This video is somewhere between a helpful how-to and an incredible infomercial. Your Mobile Alerts can help you recover your account, keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and more. If you're not using them, make sure you watch this video and get a taste for the app.

More help at the ready

Hopefully, these videos have given you a taste for Blizzard Customer Support videos. Check out the selection on YouTube, and keep an eye out for more. I really love what Blizzard is doing with these, and I look forward to each one.

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