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'Indie-core' collective funding retro action-RPG on Kickstarter


Legend of the Time Star has all the potential to be a brand new nostalgia bomb whose inherent paradox rips a hole in the thinly woven fabric of space and time itself, but only if we allow it to. We think that sounds like a pretty cool thing we'd like to witness, but in the end it's up to the larger community on Kickstarter to decide if this retro, side-scrolling action RPG will be made. It's kind of like building the atomic bomb, but with more citizen input.

Legend of the Time Star is in development by Attack Mountain, an "indie-core" collective based in New York City with the goal to "bring that warm, fuzzy feeling back to gaming by providing players with polished and engaging games that have just the right amount of old and new." The game itself features a protagonist named Hero, a villain who looks like Rasputin and a robust world built with a classic SNES RPG art style.

Attack Mountain is asking for $57,500 to create Legend of the Time Star, and with 21 days to go it has raised $5,700. Donate here if you're intrigued and follow progress on Attack Mountain's tumblr.

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