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MechWarrior Online reveals the first in-game screens of the Catapult

Eliot Lefebvre

Battles in MechWarrior Online are not about subtlety; they are about unloading huge amounts of firepower on enemy machines as fast as possible. That is the sole purpose of the Catapult, a 'Mech loaded with long-range missiles to pummel enemy units into submission. But the Catapult has another distinction -- it's the first 'Mech to receive screenshot treatment, showing the heavy support 'Mech off in all its jumping, missile-heavy goodness.

Fans familiar with previous games in the MechWarrior franchise or the BattleTech board game will know the Catapult quite well. It's just barely into the heavier weight class. sporting jump jets and medium lasers to help it move out of dangerous engagements or disable lighter units. And, of course, there are its twin missile banks, effective as a direct-fire weapon or for use as artillery with an assisting spotter unit. The game's screenshots also show off the classic variant replacing the missile banks with PPCs, high-powered energy cannons designed to fry targets at extreme range.

[Source: Piranha Games press release]

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