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Microsoft patent brings us one step closer to real-life Deus Ex


In the Deus Ex universe, technology has advanced to the point where human beings are able to augment themselves with technology, enhancing their abilities and giving themselves raspy, chain-smoking truck driver voices. It's what came to mind after our pals at Engadget discovered a Microsoft patent for an EMG (electromyography) device.

The patent calls it the "Wearable Electromyography-Based Controller," which would potentially allow users to control their devices (smartphone, computer and the like) through movement – the device would monitor muscle movement, either through a wireless or wired connection. The patent suggests a variety of different devices on Microsoft's mind: the armband seen above; a shirt (smartshirt, we like to call it); and even a pair of sunglasses, though they appear less badass and expensive than Adam Jensen's or, heck, even the shades JC Denton rocks in the original Deus Ex.

We just hope one of those EMG devices has a built-in niceness chip, to prevent future cyber-people from freaking out over tiny problems.

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