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Rock Band for iOS to remain playable after all


We had the original story on this waiting in our queue for a couple of days while we hoped EA would answer the question, "Why is an app people paid for being 'shut off' remotely?" Unfortunately we never got an answer. To sum up: EA released Rock Band for iOS way back in 2009, but within the past week users saw a notification (above), alerting them that the app would cease to function after May 31. As often happens when people are getting robbed by a major corporation, folks took to the Internet to express their displeasure.

Today, we see reports that a new alert has appeared -- one stating the app will continue to be playable after May 31. Well, that's good, because bait-and-switch tactics don't win many fans.

I don't know about you, but I think this whole thing is ridiculous and really not what Apple promised should happen with apps. Further, EA should have immediately sent out a release indicating this was an error. Unless it wasn't. Joystiq reports EA will tell us "soon" what was really going on here. I can't wait to hear the explanation.

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