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The Secret War draws over 200,000 players to its Facebook battle


Funcom's Facebook prologue to The Secret World is a sizable success, even if it had a rocky beginning. The studio reports that over 200,000 players have taken the side of one of the game's three factions and are supporting their side through this "unique browser-based social experience."

Over the course of two weeks, participants have unleashed 50 million agents as part of the event, visited the site 1,200,000 times, and spent an average of 20 minutes each visit participating in the game. Since launching The Secret War, Funcom's added goals for the factions to work toward each week. The current prize is a Heart of Africa health talisman.

Two-hundred thousand participants is a solid win for Senior Vice President Morten Larssen, who sees this as an excellent way to prepare players for the factional struggle of the MMO: "This conflict has always been a key driver for activity in our own community, and we are excited to see that more and more people are coming in to join the conflict from outside the community as well."

[Source: Funcom press release]

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